Starting work as a tutor-

Confidence is key.

It’s surprising how intimidating a group of three 10–11-year olds can be.

I would say that I’m a relatively confident and extraverted individual. However, when I stood Infront of my first group on my first day working as a tutor, I could feel my heart beat in my chest and I felt slightly awkward and unsure what to say or how to introduce myself.

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My tutoring placement involves 4 weekly hour-long sessions with a group of 3 year 6 children, working on reading skills. After my first 2 sessions, I realised how important it was that I present myself with confidence as the children clearly mirrored this behaviour.

It was so important to me that all the children felt relaxed and comfortable during the sessions and that they found me easy to approach. Being confident and having an open and relaxed body language definitely created this relaxed learning environment.

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I have now just finished my second week as a tutor, and I am feeling more confident each session.

The observation that the children are more confident to share their ideas during the lesson and comments from the children that I am tutoring such as:

‘these sessions are really fun, they’re better than normal lessons!’

really reinforce the feeling that I am doing a good job.

The importance of confidence in ALL workplaces.

The importance of confidence is also applicable to many workplace scenarios, not just when working with children. When looking back at previous working experiences, I think that I could have dealt with situations better if I approached them with confidence and believed in my ability.

I remember working as a waitress before coming to university. One evening a group of people were being very loud outside and local residents had complained about the noise. At the time I did not feel confident enough to go and approach the group of people and politely tell them ‘you are making too much noise, please leave’.

In reflection…

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I realise that in all situations, I need to act with confidence.

This lesson is something that I will remember and take with me into future working or professional environments. Whether it is approaching colleagues or members of the public with confidence, it is crucial in the work environment to ensure that you are respected.

The phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’ definitely holds true in this area. The more you ‘act’ confident, the less it becomes an act and just how you are truly feeling.

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