Confidence is key.

It’s surprising how intimidating a group of three 10–11-year olds can be.

I would say that I’m a relatively confident and extraverted individual. However, when I stood Infront of my first group on my first day working as a tutor, I could feel my heart beat in my chest and I felt slightly awkward and unsure what to say or how to introduce myself.

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My tutoring placement involves 4 weekly hour-long sessions with a group of 3 year 6 children, working on reading skills. …

God, this is stressful!

What was I looking for in a placement?

I knew that i would find working with children enjoyable as I worked as a tutor in a primary school during my first year. Also, preferably I wanted a face-to-face job working with people, during the pandemic it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated from other people, so I felt that working in person with children could definitely benefit me.

I was also keen to get a paid placement as I was applying for part time jobs at the time, so doing a work placement whilst getting paid…

and realising my potential.

Psychology fascinates me. I know that i want to work in this area.

However, psychology is so broad and could lead to a range of completely different jobs.

It’s easy to find this a little overwhelming.

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Originally, I wanted to go into the field of music psychology. Although, since coming to university, I’ve drifted away from this idea. I became very curious about the field of forensic psychology and found myself really enjoying lectures about various crimes and how the criminal justice system works. My lecturers in forensic psychology during year two explained the range of…

Isobel Bartram

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